Monday, May 30, 2011


Nicki T. (gets up and opens the door): Finally! I was just talking about you.
Levina: That was an astounding entrance.
Coral: Not really. I was standing outside the door, waiting for Nicki to explain before I came in.
Levina: So, are you going to introduce yourself?
Coral: I'm Coral. And you're Levina.
Levina (impressed): How did you know?
Coral: I just told you was waiting outside the door. I had my ear pressed to it.
Nicki T. (laughing): Why am I not surprised?
Coral: Possibly because you created me and you know my every habit and liking. Though I might surprise you at times with my behavior.
Nicki T.: Why don't I doubt that in the least?
Coral: Because you created me and knock I delight in surprising people?
Nicki T.: You do at that.
Sir Eli: Welcome to the cast. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Coral: Knowing Nicki, I won't. I heard what she did to Selene a couple weeks ago.
Nicki T.: You obviously know me fairly well.
(Jarek snores from the chair. He's out like a light.)
Coral: Sh!
(She tiptoes behind the chair. She gives it a shove and it falls to the floor. Jarek falls out and sits up, looking dazed.)
Nicki T.: Was that really necessary, Coral?
Coral: Not really. Hi, Jarek. I'm Coral.
Jarek: Do you spell that C-O-R-E-L or C-O-R-R-A-L.
Coral: I think you've got the brains to figure that out.
Levina (to Coral): He doesn't.

What do you guys think of Coral? I'm trying to make her mischevious, but not mean in any way.


  1. Lookin' good!
    Zagum: *Waves to Coral* Hi-ya!
    Scezzle: *Pushes him away*

  2. Ha ha!

    Coral (Smiles sweetly at Zagum, then darts behind him and drops a piece of fish down his shirt): Hi, Zagum.

  3. Check that. Fish scale, not just fish.