Friday, May 13, 2011

Conversations with Characters

Hello, everyone!

I have decided to have a conversation with my characters. Yes, I know my characters aren't real. (At least, I hope not. They might come seeking revenge for the stuff that I inflict on them in my stories. Particularly Selene on Make A Wish, a blog I'm a part of. I caused her to use the use of a leg a few weeks ago. She hasn't been complaining, but you never know.)

Okay, back to the point of the post. The story I've picked characters from doesn't actually have a title at the moment. But there's four characters I'm using. And their names are Callista, Damek (I intend on finding another one for him, that one's just what I have for now) Uriel, and Alinsia. (Alinsia is also not for sure yet.)

Well, anyway, time for my talk with my characters.

Nicki T.: So, guys, Callista's finally on her way.
Callista: Has anyone ever told you your methods of getting unwilling characters to leave on their quests is nothing less than rotten?
Nicki T.: Not really.
Damek: So, when do I enter the picture? I'm getting just a bit impatient waiting here.
Uriel: I've been wondering too. I mean, not that I'm trying to push this or anything, but I'm waiting to go have an adventure.
Nicki T.: When you actually get going on an adventure, you might wish you had showed up closer to the end. Trust me on this one, adventures are painful.
Callista: I'm finding that out. Could you have at least let me grab a half decent weapon before I left? It's going to be tough out there.
Nicki T.: I gave you a weapon! And be glad I did! I could have made you loose it on the way out! You'd be in serious trouble without what I gave you.
Callista (frustrated with Nicki T.): THAT WAS MOST CERTAINLY NOT A DECENT WEAPON!
Alinsia (going through the contents of the leather pouch she always carries): Would you please not be so loud? I'm attempting to take stock of what I have in here. I need more linen, would you please let me grab some before I have to leave, Nicki?
Nicki T.: I'll think about it.
Uriel: Surely it would be beneficial to the group if she could?
Nicki T. (slightly annoyed): You obviously don't get the idea. I'm supposed to make it as hard as possible for you. If it's too easy, then no one will want to read it.
Alinsia: You are joking, correct?
Nicki T.: No, why?
(Alinsia glances at the others. The others look nervous.)
Uriel: Maybe the middle of the book would be better after all.
Callista: What, scared?
Uriel (swallowing nervously): No, no, not at all.
Alinsia (to Damek): I will bet that he forgets that in a few seconds.
(Damek and Alinsia chuckle.)
Damek: So, when are you going to introduce Alinsia?
Nicki T.: Soon.
Alinsia: May I take Bistort with me?
Uriel: Who's Bistort again?
Alinsia: My wolf.
Nicki T.: Sure, why not?
Uriel: What am I allowed to take?
Nicki T.: We'll get to that when you meet up with everyone else.
Uriel: Why can't we decide it now?
Nicki T.: I could, of course, have you leave home with just the clothes on your back and a sword.
Uriel: That sounds great!
(Callista, Damek, and Alinsia snigger. So does Nicki T.)
Uriel: What's so funny?
Callista: You're crazy, you know.
Uriel: What gave you that idea?
Callista: You'll find out.
Alinsia (to Damek and Callista): You see, I was right. He did forget.

Opinions on my characters, please? (Yes, Uriel is crazy. He will learn that eventually. I hope.)

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