Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Watched Tangled at last! I loved it! It was so funny! My favorite characters were Maximus the horse and Pascal. I especially liked the fact this movie was a musical. I would post some of the songs here but for some reason, I can't post any of the songs I find on youtube. For those of you who haven't seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it. I also reccomend you look up the songs on youtube. My favorite one was "I've Got A Dream". Has anyone who's seen it noticed that the king and queen never speak even once? And now for some quotes:

Mother Gothel: Look in that mirror. I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady. [Rapunzel smiles] Mother Gothel: Oh look, you're here too. [laughs] Mother Gothel: I'm just teasing! Stop taking everything so seriously.

Flynn Rider: [sword-fighting with Maximus] You should know that this is the strangest thing I've ever done! [Max flicks the frying-pan from Flynn's hands] Flynn Rider: ... How 'bout best two out of three?

[first lines] Flynn Rider: This is the story of how I died.

Flynn Rider: [Flynn looking at his 'Wanted' poster] No... no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is bad, this is very very bad, this is really bad... They just can't get my nose right! Stabbington Brother: Who cares? Flynn Rider: Well, it's easy for you to say... [Looking at the Stabbington Brothers' 'Wanted' poster] Flynn Rider: [in awe] ... You guys look amazing.

Rapunzel: [there's a rustle in the bushes. Rapunzel jumps on Flynn's back, terrified] Is it ruffians? Thugs? Have they come for me? Flynn Rider: [a cute little bunny hops out of the bushes] Stay calm. It can probably smell fear.

Flynn Rider: Hey, Max! [throws him a bag of apples as he, Rapunzel, and Pascal row out to see the floating lanterns. Max gets a suspicious look on his face] Flynn Rider: What? I bought them! [Maximus starts chomping away happily at his apples] Flynn Rider: ... *most* of them! [Maximus starts and his eyes widen]

Rapunzel: I can't believe I did this. *I can't believe I did this!* Mother would be so furious. That's OK though, I mean what she doesn't know won't kill her. Oh my gosh. This would kill her. *This is so fun!* I, am a horrible daughter. I'm going back. *I am never going back!* I am a despicable human being. *Woo-hoo! Best. Day. Ever!* [Sobs]

Rapunzel: So mother, earlier I was saying tomorrow is a really big day, and you didn't really respond, so I'm just gonna tell you: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Tada! Mother Gothel: No no no, can't be. I distinctly remember, your birthday was last year. Rapunzel: That's the funny thing about birthdays, they're kind of an annual thing.

Rapunzel: Who's that? [the castle guards] Flynn Rider: They don't like me. Rapunzel: Who's that? [the Stabbington brothers] Flynn Rider: They don't like me either. Rapunzel: And who's *that*? [Maximus] Flynn Rider: Let's just assume for the moment that everyone in here doesn't like me!

Rapunzel: We made it. Flynn Rider: Her hair glows! Rapunzel: We're alive. We're alive! Flynn Rider: I didn't see that coming. Rapunzel: Eugene. Flynn Rider: The hair actually glows. Rapunzel: Eugene. Flynn Rider: Why does her hair glow! Rapunzel: Eugene! Flynn Rider: [almost in hysteria] What? Rapunzel: It doesn't *just* glow. Flynn Rider: [Pascal smiles at him smugly] Why is he smiling at me?

Flynn Rider: [from trailer] I could get used to a view like this. Yep, I'm used to it. Guys I want a castle.

Flynn Rider: [Upon being chased by the Palace Guards, Flynn and the Stabbington Brothers reach a dead end. They are facing a cliff] All right, okay, give me a boost, and I'll pull you up. Stabbington Brother: [the Stabbington Brothers look at each other] Give us the satchel first. Flynn Rider: What? I just... I can't believe that after all we've been through together, you don't... trust me? [the Stabbington Brothers look at Flynn straight in the eye and crickets chirp in the background] Flynn Rider: Ouch. [Flynn hands the satchel to them] Stabbington Brother: [Flynn climbs up the Stabbington Brothers and reaches the top of the cliff] Now help us up, pretty boy. Flynn Rider: Sorry... my hands are full. [Flynn cockily shows them the satchel he had stolen from them while climbing up and runs off]

Flynn-I have dreams like you, no really!
Just much less... touchy-feely,
They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny,
On an island that I own,
Tanned and rested and alone,
Surrounded by enormous piles of money!

Hope everyone got a laugh out of those!

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  1. I know that you got a laugh out of them, that's for sure! :)

    Love your favourite sister, Book blogger