Saturday, November 24, 2012

On Ideas

It's funny. A week or so ago, I was rather short on ideas for stories. I was stuck on my story about Amber and co.

Well, I'm not either of those things any longer.

Amber's story, I'm afraid, I'm still stuck on. I'm stuck at chapter four. I know what needs to happen... but I'm not sure how Amber's going to go about doing it. That and I'm working out some of the things about Amber's special ability.

However, I'm no longer short on ideas.

I currently have several ideas for a story rolling around in my head. Some of them have been around for a while, others just lately arrived.

One is for an Alex Rider/Gallagher Girls type story. Something like that. Don't have much in the way of a plot for the idea yet.

And then there's a fairytale retelling idea. This one's been around for ages, even starting writing it once, but never finished. This time, I have a better idea for it.

There are a few more, but I'm just letting them sit in my brain for a while.

As for Amber, I'm currently working through a few things, as I said. However, I have what I think is a pretty good idea for the chapter afterwards. Right now, Amber and her friends are looking for someone. Unfortunately, they don't know where she is, and have no real way of finding out. So, yeah, trying to figure out how they'd go about finding her. When they do find her, however, I have a few fun plans in mind.

Amber: Fun for you, anyhow.
Nicki T.: When did you enter this blog post? I don't recall inviting you to come along.
Amber: I'm in your head, remember?
Nicki T.: Yeah, you've made that reasonably clear over the last year or so. And you won't leave, either.
Amber: If I leave, you'll forget about me. And I've seen what happens to characters you forget about.
Nicki T.: I don't forget about them. They leave.
(Amber walks to the door and starts yelling for several of Nicki T.'s old characters. No response. Blaze walks in.)
Blaze: Selenda stopped by today with Aidenn. She said she might stop in for dinner with us sometime, if that's okay with you, Nicki.
Nicki T.:  Yeah, it's fine.