Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catching Fire

I have at last read Catching Fire!!!!!!

After waiting weeks for it to come to the library, it finally came! And did it fulfill my expectations?

Katniss, after winning the Hunger Games and defying the capital in the process, is home at last. She's worried that the capital will punish her for a little stunt she pulled in the arena during the Games. Her worst fears come true when President Snow comes for a little chat. He's warning her - if she doesn't convince everyone she's hopelessly in love with Peeta (who she has little interest in) he'll kill her family and her friend's family. So, during a tour of districts 1-11 (she lives in district 12) she attempts to convince the world that she wasn't defying the Capitol during the Games. Unfortunately, she fails. In a desperate last ditch attempt to save the lives of everyone she loves, she agrees to marry Peeta when she's old enough. Peeta's fine with the arrangement (since his feelings are the complete opposite of Katniss's - he's hopelessly in love with her) and the two begin to make plans for their wedding. However, the Capitol isn't fooled. Katniss - and her pin with the mockingjay on it - have become a symbol of defiance. And they want both destroyed.

I loved this book. The end of the book can be a bit confusing if you don't read it carefully. Also, Peeta lies, telling everyone he and Katniss are already married. He also claims Katniss is going to have a baby. I thought that was a totally unnecessary lie and was rather disappointed. Still, the book was pretty good. I can't wait to find out what happened next.