Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Okay, everybody. I've been thinking I should post, so that is exactly what I am doing.

I'm working on another idea for a story. It will probably wait until this summer to be written, but I'm working on it. Not every story I plan out gets finished. I frequently give up on stories, but, just as frequently, I take characters with me. Like Uriel, for example. He's the son of a noble, who dresses extravagantly, reads quite a bit, is a master with the sword, and longs for an adventure, which he's willing to give up anything for. He's a character who likes coming in and asking for a role. Uriel will be given a role in this story, though it won't be one he wants.

Basically, this story (which I will need to do research for) is about a princess named Levina. When her uncle attempts to take the throne, she escapes and heads to somewhere he'll never find her. She's not planning to take back the throne - it was never going to be hers anyway. It was meant for her brother, who her uncle is using to take the throne. Levina just wants to live the rest of her life quietly, somewhere where she won't have people falling over their heads bowing to her and where she won't have to wear a corset every day, since she abhors them. She finds this life on an island off the coast of what is now her uncle's kingdom. And for several years, she is content, despite the havoc her uncle's rule is wrecking.

Then, one day, an old friend comes through her city. One of her royal guards from years ago. He urges her to come back and take the throne, but she refuses. She's happy with her quiet life. Besides, if she announces her identity she'll have to go ahead with the arranged marriage her uncle planned. And she doesn't mind the person she'll have to marry, but she'd rather find her own husband. Preferably one who doesn't spend his day in the library every day. Or brag about his sword fighting. Or care more about his clothes than she does, not that she cares that much.(Yes, that character is Uriel.) However, her friend convinces her it's all for the best, so she goes along with it reluctantly. She announces her identity and begins to gather an army.

That's all I've got so far. It's only in the beginning stages, though. Does the idea sound cliched to anyone else, because it kind of seems a bit like that to me. It's not exactly original, but I'm not done with it yet. There's something missing right now. I'm working on filling in the blank, and while I do that, I have research to do on medieval culture before I start writing. Also, that will give the story the time it needs for me to work on it. Not only do I have to do research, I also have to find someone who will help me with a map (because I can't draw - at all. Well, at least not realistically.)

Well, that's all for now!



  1. That's a really cool plot!
    Maybe I could help you...a little. But I can't draw characters. I've already tried that for your sister. Sure, it looked okay, but not the way I wanted. :P

  2. Have you never tried maps? I need help with one, since I'm not really any good with drawing. (Or painting. Or pastels. Or anything else connected to art.)