Saturday, May 21, 2011

Conversations with Characters

Okay, how many of you know what a plot bunny is? For those of my readers who have never
heard of them, a plot bunny is an idea that will simply not leave a writer alone while they're working on something else. Plot bunnies seem to enjoy picking on me quite a bit. However, I've learned how to deal with them.

Advice on how to deal with plot bunnies - indulge them, spoil them, and give them what they want. Just don't write about them until you're done what you're already working on.

Levina is my current plot bunny. She's clamoring for attention, and as long as I humor her, she doesn't complain - much, anyway. So I am going to humor her... right now. I currently have four characters, but I'm only going to use three.

Nicki T.: Would you guys please leave me alone?
Sir Eli: We need some attention here.
Levina: I don't mean to push, but I would like to get this over with.
Nicki T.: Well, I always could just prolong it.
Jarek: I think prolonging it could be take, uh...
Levina: A while, Jarek.
(Nicki T. snickers. Levina smiles.)
Nicki T. (whispering to Levina): Is he always like that?
Levina: What do you think?
(Sir Eli gives Nicki T. and Levina a stern look.)
Levina (clears her throat): So, do you think that you can start soon?
Nicki T. (scratches the back of her neck): I just don't know. I've got other obligations, you know. To other characters. Like Petra and Maryiss.
Jarek: We're important, too!
Nicki T.: When, pray, did I state that you weren't?
Jarek: I dunno. When did you?
(Levina smiles at Nicki T. They wink.)
Nicki T.: Now, about the timing. I have research to do before I start. Medieval fantasy is great, it just requires research.
(Levina sighs.)
Levina: Why can't you start now and research as you work?
Nicki T.: Because I have other writing to do. And you'll just have to wait for that.


  1. Scezzle: *Whispers to Nicki so Jarek can't hear* Is

    What do I have to do to get you to follow my blog???

  2. I wouldn't say naive. Sir Eli would say he wasn't well educated as a child. He's just not very bright. He was supposed to be a smithy, not a scholar. That was until he saved the queen's life and was squired to Sir Eli as a reward. Nobody really cares, though, because he doesn't need to be intelligent to do his job.

  3. Sounds like Levina and my Evelyn would be quite the pair! They both have the... gift, of patience *smiles sarcastically and rolls eyes*.