Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Healer's Apprentice

I just finished a really good book called The Healer's Apprentice, by Melanie Dickerson. It's a fairy tale romance based on Sleeping Beauty. In the story, the main character, Rose, is attempting to become a healer so that her mother won't make her marry an old bachelor, particularly that awful Peter Brunckhorst. When Lord Hamlin comes home after studying at university, Rose doesn't expect anything important to happen... until he's brought in after an accident. With the local healer, Frau Geruscha, gone, Rose tries to tend to his wound. Against her will, she finds herself falling in love with him, she tries to do banish her feelings, particularly since he's betrothed. I really liked this book, and recommend it for anyone who likes fantasy or romance. She has another book coming out in December called The Merchant's Daughter. Needless to say, I will be getting my hands on a copy when it comes out. I also intend on buying my own copy of The Healer's Apprentice, which I only have out from the library at the moment.