Sunday, May 29, 2011

Conversations with Characters (Again)

Hello, my few readers! I'm going through the research stages of my medieval fantasy. I'm having trouble deciding what time to set it in. Right now, I'm thinking about the 14th century. Then again, maybe at some point later. Oh, the indecision!

Anyway, here is my cast of characters. I'm working out the details of the story at the moment. The original idea just doesn't have enough to it, so I'm considering adding in another main character (one who shows up during part two), who comes with her own set of problems to make things even more complicated. I wonder what everyone thinks of that...

(My characters are sitting around in my living room. Jarek is relaxing in a chair that looks like it might collapse under his weight. Sir Eli is leaning in the doorway. Levina is sitting on the couch. Nicki T. is staring at the computer screen. Her eyes are glazed over.)

Levina: Are you almost done yet, Nicki?
Nicki T.: Kind of busy.
Sir Eli: Computers are an evil invention.
Nicki T.: You're just saying that because they weren't invented when you existed.
Sir Eli: That's not the point. And I do exist at this moment.
Nicki T.: Only in my imagination. And if you want, my imagination can imagine you away.
Levina: So, are you nearly done?
Nicki T.: No. And I won't be done for a while.
Jarek: How long does it take to research for a book?
Nicki T.: Several months.
Jarek: But I have to be back for dinner tonight!
Nicki T.: I'm going to stop for a break in a minute or two.
Levina (covering her mouth in an attempt to stop herself from laughing): Um, Nicki? What were you saying earlier about my sharing a position as MC with someone else?
Nicki T.: Yes. It's not that I don't find your story interesting, I just think it'll be better if you share it with someone.
Levina: I don't really mind. But who were you thinking of?
(A knock at the door.)
Nicki T.: I think that's her now.


  1. This should be good...

    Don' know what that has to do with anything, but I felt I should say it...

  2. Good luck with your research!

    I find it hard to decide when to set a novel, too. Each time period comes with its own details, which could potentially play a part in the story.