Sunday, May 8, 2011

One Year Adventure Novel

Has anyone out there heard of the One Year Adventure Novel program? Basically, you write one novel in a year. If you go to the website, , and click on Student Novels Showcase, they have a bunch of stories from the kids who wrote them. The stories are pretty good. So far, I've read two. My favorite one was I Now Pronounce You Dead. It's a great mystery about a girl whose family runs a wedding service. When the bride is murdered at a wedding - in their own backyard - she decides to find out solve the mystery. It's really good! The guy who designed the curriculum also has a second curriculum called Other Worlds, which is designed specially for if you want to write sci fi or fantasy.

Just thought I'd mention it!


  1. I can't WAIT to do that next year!
    My favorites were:

    and, my vary favorite:

    A Kitt's Tale.

    Have you read any of them?

  2. Wait, no,
    It's called

    Kytt's Tale

  3. I'm also reading one called Forgiven, and am liking it so far.

  4. Why am I not at all surprised you like those?