Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some Random Ramblings

Hello, everyone. Whoever liked the conversation between my characters that was posted last week is in for another treat. This time, though, I'm picking characters from a different story. Their names are Petra Rider and Maryiss Vulpes (Yes, I'm aware that's a weird name, I'm trying to find a different one) will be joining today.

Nicki T.: Okay, we need to have a little talk.
Petra: If you don't mind, I'm brainstorming ideas for my escape at the moment, so keep it quick.
Nicki T.: That's the subject I wanted to converse on, Petra. Why didn't you manage to escape from the last place I put you in? You've got the brainpower.
Petra: I'm better with computers than with anything else.
Nicki T.: I'm aware. But you're supposed to be a genius! I gave you a brain - USE IT!
Petra: I heard you talking to your fantasy characters, remember? It's supposed to be hard for us!
Nicki T.: Were you outside my bedroom door again? We talked about this!
Maryiss: Quit it!
Nicki T.: Maryiss, this is something I'm working out with Petra. Just keep out of it.
Maryiss: Look, Nicki, I know you're in charge. But please just cool down for a second?
Nicki T.: Whatever.
Petra: Sure, sure. Nicki's in charge, and the power's gone to her head.
Nicki T.(seething with rage): You think I'M in charge?! Who keeps refusing to escape when I tell her to? Who lost her temper and told everyone she knew they were spying on her? And WHO, may I ask, is in charge here anyway?!
Petra: Oh, I don't know. The story?
Maryiss: So, when does something interesting happen in my world? I mean, not that what's going on isn't freaking me out, but when does something really big happen?
Nicki T.: You need to reconsider what that man suggested and go to get Petra's little brother.
Petra (crossing her arms): I am not putting my little brother in danger to make your story more interesting. Sorry, so not happening.
Nicki T.: It's so happening, Petra. That's why you have to escape before they go to get your brother. That way, when Maryiss arrives, he's not there.
Petra: It takes four hours to drive to the city, plus however much time I need to get him out. And I need to get there before Maryiss... that leaves me ten hours to get out!
Nicki T.: See, now you have even more motivation, don't you?
Petra: Like I needed it before.
Maryiss: So, when he's not there, what do I do?
Nicki T.: Give up. Quit.
Maryiss: WHAT! Do you have any idea what the consequences of quitting are? Public humiliation, having to go find another job which means I'll have to find a new place to stay -
Nicki T.: Don't worry - it's temporary.
Maryiss: I'm thinking maybe I'll show up earlier than Petra.
Nicki T.: Don't worry, Petra, she won't make it.
Petra: I'm thinking maybe this might turn out okay.
Maryiss: This had better be temporary, Nicki.
Nicki T.: Hey, relax! What's the worst thing I could do to my characters?
(Petra and Maryiss look her in the eye.)
Nicki T.: Don't worry, I'm not as bad as the people who you're fighting against.
Petra: You're worse.
Nicki T. (sounding offended): Ouch.

Did anyone find that interesting? At all? I find it helps me figure out a bit about my characters.



  1. Which story are those characters from?

  2. Hmm...what's the worst thing you could do to your characters? Hmm...I don't know--kill them?
    Sounds cool. But maybe you could tell us more about what your stories are about.

  3. Keep writing your story! I love it! I can't wait to read more!