Thursday, May 5, 2011

Does Anyone ELSE Have Trouble Coming Up With Post Titles?

Hello, everyone! Got back from my cousin's wedding a few days ago. My cousin Steve was marrying his girlfriend Angela. She had a gorgeous dress.

Have been wondering... would any of you like me to have an ongoing story? Not one on a separate page, but just one I post bits of? I've been thinking about that, mainly because I don't like working on more than one page story at a time. It would pretty much most certainly be a fantasy.

Am picking at my idea for a sci fi. I need a bit more of an idea that I have at the moment. All I've got aside from what I've mentioned in earlier posts is, well, pretty much nothing. I've got an idea for a guy who's, well, pretty rotten, but not completely. Not the official antagonist, but doesn't exactly help, either. (Kind of like Wolf from Stormbreaker, which is the only book in the Alex Rider series I've read. I would read more, but Point Blank hasn't arrived at the library yet. I really hope Wolf shows up again in the series. He was a rotten guy, but not totally evil.) I have absolutely no clue what's going to happen in the story. When I finally do, I will be very happy.

Okay, here are some completely random quotes.

If you don't read the paper, you are uninformed, If you do, you are misinformed.

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.

- Mark Twain

Stories don't always end where their authors intended. But there is joy in following them, where ever they take us.

- Miss Potter (love that movie)

Agnes: Will you read us a bedtime story? Gru: No. Agnes: Pretty please? Gru: The physical appearance of the please makes no difference.

Light bulb!

Gru: We stole the Statue of Liberty...!
[the minions cheer]
Gru: ...the small one, from Las Vegas!
[the cheers stop]

-Despicable Me

Fred Randall: A glitch? No, that's not possible. I programmed it myself.

Fred Randall: Mom, going to Mars shouldn't be referred to running away.

[Randall is laying on the floor with socks on his hands when the technicians come to get him out]
Fred Randall: Can you leave me alone for just five more minutes? I just got into the third act.
[with an English voice and moving sock puppet]
Fred Randall: Yes! Close the door! It's chilly in here!

- Rocket Man

Okay! Adios!


  1. Hello, my name is stephano. I am an Italian man.

    -Count Olaf, A series of unfortunate events

    He's either your third cousin, four times removed, or you fourth cousin, three times removed.

    Mr Po, A series of unfortunate events

    -- From the best movie ever made!!!

  2. And, yes. I have alot of trouble thinking up creative titles.