Friday, June 3, 2011


I have at last read the final book in Hunger Games - Mockingjay.

Katniss has been relocated to District 13, which was thought to have been obliterated. The symbol of the mockingjay has become the rebel's symbol - and the symbol they want her to become. Katniss doesn't know whether or not she wants to be the mockingjay, but when she realizes what she could gain by it, she agrees to do her part. The conditions include her being allowed to kill President Snow, who has been threatening her and responsible for the death of many people she loves, her little sister Prim being allowed to keep her cat Buttercup, and tributes being pardoned for their crimes. There's just one little hitch - she puts one toe out of line and President Coin of District 13 will kill her and her friends.

Mockingjay was amazing, but also sad. Peeta, who she's been pretending to love, has been brainwashed to make him hate her. Other people get killed. The ending was sad, too.

Katniss is the same as ever, disobeying orders and causing trouble. At the end, she makes several choices, both of which involve people's lives. One of her choices is understandable, although rather unkind to President Coin. But she votes to have a final Hunger Games to take revenge on the Capitol! I can't believe she did that. She was in the Hunger Games twice and she was willing to put other kids into it just because they were related to various politicians. I was so disappointed.

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  1. I'm not that far in it yet, but that IS sad. I like Peeta.