Saturday, August 6, 2011


Here's something I found on I LOVE these sorts of things!

Name: Selenda (she doesn't really have a last name)

Occupation: wanderer (if you call that an occupation, it's the closest thing she has to one)

Place of work: where ever she decides to go

Home: where ever she decides to go

Age: 15

Head shape: oval

Hair: black. Very long, since she doesn't have a lot of opportunities to have it cut, and silky.

Eyes: brown

Nose: small

Mouth: normal

Skin: dark

Physical build: tall, very thin.

Posture: very upright

While sitting: usually sits with her legs crossed.

While standing: stands tall, with her back straight.

While walking: walks quickly with smooth, steady paces. Moves silently.

What you notice first: her brown eyes and her silent personality. You usually don't notice her at all until she wants you to, though.

Place of birth: a small manor in Golden Forest

Places lived: pretty much everywhere.

Siblings: none

Childhood experiences: she lived with her family until she was twelve, and was trained in many "unladylike" pursuits (such as sword fighting.) She had to leave suddenly and had several terrifying experiences until she learned how to manage on her own in the woods.

Education: she was taught all the "lady-like" pursuits, such as sewing, embroidery, reading, and how to run a household. (She actually enjoys them to a certain extent, so long as she has plenty of time to be outdoors.)

Special training: as I said earlier, she was taught how to use a sword. She also learned how to use a bow and arrows, and has extremely good aim. She also spent much of her childhood roaming the woods and gathering knowledge about plants and trees and camouflage, all of which she puts to good use.

Travel: with her family, she went to the capital a few times. Since she had to leave home, she's been everywhere, though she prefers not to spend too much time in the west of the country where she lives because - telling you would be a major spoiler.

Friends: since she travels so much, she's never had any for very long, except for her dragon Tarid.

Greatest sucess: managing to survive for years on her own, when she's being hunted for.

Characteristics: always listens to everyone's plans before stating her opinion. Never does anything without weighing the consequences. Is very quiet. As of yet, she's never lost her head during a crisis. Loves a challenge.

Markings: none.

Special skills or knowledge: can move without making a sound or being seen and has an incredible knowledge of plants and camouflage.

Collections and talents: Sings and tells stories very well.

What people like about him/her: her fierce determination, her listening skills, and her courage.

Interests and favorites: loves the colors of the forest. Loves to listen to the stories around the campfire.

Favorite food: fresh meat, preferably some sort of bird, cooked on a spit over a blazing fire.

Favorite drink: pear cider

Favorite music: slow, quiet songs, sung in other languages. Flutes are her favorite instrument.

Favorite books: she hasn't read anything in an awfully long time.

Favorite sport: sword fighting or archery

Dislikes: people who, for some reason, think that because she's a girl she'll be easier to beat or shouldn't fight.

Well, that's Selenda. How many of you like her?


  1. I think I love Selenda! The strong, quiet characters are always my favorite.

    I don't know if you noticed, But I just did this same exact thing for my Main character about a week ago! I found it on Pepper's blog as well.

  2. It sounds like you've really spent time developing Selenda. It sure paid off! I love Selenda's personality.

  3. Thanks! It's nice to know other people like her personality.