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Here's an opening quote.

I could not live without books. - Thomas Jefferson

So very true.

Now, without further ado, a tag!

1. What is your characters name?


2. Does her name have any special meaning?


3. Does your character have a methodical or disorganized personality?

Selenda has never been in a situation that required organization, but she would definitely have a methodical personality if she ever was.

4. Does she think inside herself more than she talks out loud to her friends?

She thinks inside herself and doesn't talk unless it's necessary.

5. Is there something she is afraid of?

She pretends she's not afraid of anything, but her greatest fear is that people will discover that she is. (This isn't important to the story, but she's secretly terrified of spiders.)

6. Does she write, dream, sing or dance?

She sings quite well and dances when she gets the chance.

7. What is her favorite book (or genre of book)?

She hasn't read anything in years, (there's a shortage of books in the wilderness) but she would probably like mysteries and maybe some historical fiction. She would also like history books.

8. Who is her favorite author and who/what inspires her?

She hasn't read anything in a long time.

9. What is her favorite flavor of ice cream?

They didn't have ice cream as we know it in the middle ages to the best of my knowledge, but her favorite flavor would probably be vanilla or chocolate chip mint.

10. Favorite season of the year?


11. How old is she?

She's fifteen.

12. What does she do in her spare time?

She doesn't exactly have lots of spare time, but when it's a cold winter day and she's staying at an inn, she likes to join the group around the fire place and listen to stories. She's not bad at telling them, either.

13. Does she see the big picture, or does she live in the moment?

She looks at the big picture.

14. Is she a perfectionist?

Oh, yes.

15. What does her handwriting look like?

Loopy and decorative. She was taught to write in a very calligraphy like style.

16. What is her favorite animal?

Dragons. She's okay with horses, but dragons are faster and they fly, making them a clearly better choice than a horse for travel. Not to mention they breath fire and can go find their own food.

17. Does she have any pets?

She doesn't view him as a pet, more as a partner, but she has a dragon named Tarid. A large black one, like Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon.

18. Does she have any siblings, how many, and where does she fit in?

No siblings.

19. Does she have a "life verse" and if so, what is it?

She doesn't have one that I've picked yet.

20. Favorite writing utensil?

She hasn't used anything like that in a long time.

21. What type of laugh does she have?

When she does laugh, it's a light laugh. Not a giggle.

22. Who is her best friend?

Tarid, her dragon.

23. What is her family like?

She doesn't have a family anymore, but she absolutely loved her parents when she was younger. They made sure she knew how to defend herself and knew about dragons.

24. Does she believe in fairies?

She might if she saw one. And she hasn't seen any lately (or ever).

25. Does she like hedgehogs?

She admires them for their spikes.

26. What is her favorite kind of weather?

Warm days, with light breezes and spring colors. And if she's indoors, she likes cold, snowy days, when she can sit by the fire in an inn and listen to stories, with a mug of something hot in her hand.

27. Does she have a good sense of humor? What kind is it (slapstick, wit, sarcastic)?

She doesn't mind a joke, particularly a witty one.

28. How did she do in school, or any educations she might have had?

She did well at reading and writing and everything else, though she preferred to be outside, learning about camouflage and plants.

29. Any strange hobbies?

None in particular.

30. Does she like to go outside?

She spends almost all her time outdoors, and is grateful when she can get inside.

31. Is she naturally curious?

Not particularly.

32. Right handed, or left?


33. Favorite color?

Greens and browns.

34. Where is she from?

Originally, Golden Forest.

35. Any enemies?

Yes. Queen Olivine.

36. What are her quirks?

She doesn't really have too many. She's competitive to the point where she gets very angry about loosing. She doesn't scream and loose her temper, she just goes off somewhere quiet and gets mad at herself there.

37. What kinds of things get on her nerves?

People who, for some reason, think she's an easy target because she's a girl. People who don't pay attention to the big picture and don't take things seriously and do things on an impulse. People like Aidenn, for example...

38. She is independent, or does she need others to help out?

She is independent.

39. What is her biggest secret?

She doesn't have any. Living in the woods alone and spending all your time hunting is not something that gives you lots of time for accumulating secrets. Besides, what would be her greatest secret is given away by her face. (You'll have to read the book to find out what that is, though!!!!)

40. Has she ever fallen in love?

No. She thinks that romance on this trip will only hinder it.

41. What's her favorite comfort food?

A bowl of warm soup and a drink of hot tea.

42. Does she play an instrument? If so, what?

She can't play any instruments.

43. What color are her eyes? Hair?

Her eyes are brown and her hair is black.

44. What is her favorite place to be?

By the fireplace in an inn, with a mug of something warm and an attentive audience. She doesn't read, but she is most certainly a storyteller.

45. What are some of her dreams or goals?

Right now, her goal is to just get her destiny fulfilled so she can continue with her wandering lifestyle. (Who thinks she might change her mind during the story?)

46. Does she enjoy sports?

She likes horseback riding. Okay, dragonback riding. Tarid is faster than a horse. She is also a talented archer and swords woman.

47. What is her favorite flower or plant?

Roses. Long stemmed ones, with red petals.

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  1. I like Selenda! I should do a tag for one of my characters!