Sunday, April 3, 2011

Books, Books, and, uh, Books

Okay, sorry I haven't posted in so long. I've been gone. Anyway, I read a lot while I was gone. Here is a list of the books I liked best. 1. To Darkness Fled I got the first book in the Blood of Kings Trilogy out of the library. It's a High Fantasy (or Epic Fantasy, whichever you want to call it) but the library says it's science fiction. How weird is that? Anyway, the first book is called By Darkness Hid. It's the story of a stray (orphan) slave named Achan Cham who is given the opportunity to be a squire, and a young woman who is pretending to be a boy named Vrell Sparrow to avoid marrying the future king, who only wants to marry her so he can get his hands on her money and land. Book Two, To Darkness Fled, is amazing! I won't give any specifics because it would give away what happened in Book One. I recommend it to all fantasy lovers. People who like historical fiction might not mind it much either. Jill Williamson, the author, somehow always manages to come up with an ending that I would never have expected. The last book in the trilogy came out on April Fool's Day (which would be a few days ago. A few people asked her if it was an April Fool's Joke, including me. Her websites include,, and 2. The Last Olympian There were few surprises for me in this book, because I'd already heard what happens. It's a bit dark in places, but still enjoyable. It's not my favorite book in the Percy Jackson series, though. My favorite was The Titan's Curse. 3. Caleb + Kate I don't normally read romance, but after reading about it on, I decided to give it a try. (After all, name one writer who only reads one or two genres.) The book was good. It's supposed to be Christian, but it didn't feel like that all the time. I don't recommend it for anyone who isn't at least thirteen, or older, depending on what your parents say. 4. The Tempest So I read Shakespeare. If you want to learn from it, I suggest you don't try to copy his style of dialogue. They saw Shakespeare isn't just for an age, but for all time. Well, his style of dialogue isn't, unless you're a poet. The Tempest is interesting, but you have to know the storyline before you read it or you might be very confused. And here's a list of books I want to read, though I haven't yet for various reasons. 1. From Darkness Won (book Three from Blood of Kings, I intend on buying this one) 2. Hunger Games 3. The Word Reclaimed 4. The Swords of Six 5. The Healer's Apprentice 6. Point Blank (book two from the Alex Rider Series) 7. The God Hater (don't judge a book by its cover... or title. It's about a strong atheist who has to design a philosophy for people in a computer program.) Hope that inspires someone to go open a book.

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  1. Sounds cool! I'd like to read By Darkness Hid. It sounds interesting. (And if I like it, I'll read To Darkness Fled, and From Darkness Won.