Saturday, April 9, 2011

Okay, this is my condensed version of a tag I found on some one's blog. I removed a few question because I didn't really think they were necessary. (Okay, it was also like 70 questions or something and I didn't want to copy that all out.) 1. What's the word count? No clue. 2. Do you have an outline? Sort of. 3. How much do you write in a day? That depends. 4. Which character would you be friends with? Don't really know. Annelise enjoys some of the things I do, though, so probably her. She enjoys studying legends and archery. (I've only held a bow twice in my life, but I still enjoy it immensely.) 5.Who is your favorite character? My main character, Annelise Howard. 6. Is there any magic? Um, not good magic. I do have a few bad guys who use it. 7. Are there any holidays? No, unless you count summer break. 8. Does anyone die? Well, at one point in the story, I killed off a character named Sunny, then brought her back later when they needed her. It was the only way for Annelise to convince someone to help them. I should probably kill off a few characters at the climax. 9. What is the best line? No clue. 10. What is the worst line? I don't really know. I haven't been able to work on it for a week or two. 11. Have you dreamed about your novel? No. 12. Summarize your novel in under fifteen words. "A teenager who sees fantasy animals goes in search of a legendary queen." Something like that. 13. What was the last thing your character ate? Probably a granola bar. 14. Describe your main character in three words. I'm still figuring out exactly what she's like. She doesn't like sitting around useless when there's a major problem like the one she's facing. 15. Have you ever done anything cruel to increase a word count? Not yet, but I'm thinking of putting Annelise into a fight to increase the drama and the length of the first chapter. It really needs it. 16. What would your antagonist dress up as for Halloween? I'm still getting to know him, because he doesn't really like showing his face around my main character. He would probably go as a wizard, which is what he is, after all. Any magic tricks he performed would be very realistic. (Weird thing about my antagonist - he doesn't mind tons of people dying so he can have what he wants, but he does mind his little sister, who's trying to defeat him, falling off a cliff.) 17. Are there any explosions? No, but there's an incident on the bus which could result in one. Maybe a bus crash could liven things up a bit more. 18. Are there zombies, vampires or werewolves in your story? No zombies or vampires, but the antagonist seems to enjoy sending a werewolf after the main characters. I also have a fox made from fire. (I got the idea from the story that the Northern Lights are the waving tails of foxes made from fire.) Annelise defeats the fox after he jumps into a lake, which puts out the fire. 19. Is anyone mentally or physically ailed? No. 20. Are there dream sequences? Yes. 21. Is there humor? I certainly hope so. 22. Is there tragedy? I would hope a major character falling off a cliff would count as that. 23. How many characters end up single? A grand total of all of them. 24. Does anyone wear glasses? Yes, Jared does. 25. Have characters been drawn? No, though I have clear pictures of several in my head. 26. Does anyone throw up? No. 27. Does anyone bleed? I would hope so! If somebody slashes them with a sword and they don't bleed, there must be something wrong with them. :) Yes, my characters bleed if they are wounded, which happens not infrequently. My main character, Annelise, smashes up against a window during a fight on a bus. 28. Do characters watch TV? NOT AS A HABIT!!!!!!! I have one scene where they see something on a TV at a bus station, but nothing else. 29. How would you react if your story was completely erased. Let's just put it this way - I would probably scream so loudly you could hear me across the street, then start crying. If it was erased of its own accord. If someone was responsible for it... 30. Do you cry when killing/maiming characters? No. Of course, I always miss them for a few pages, but I get over it. And I sometimes have them come back later in the story, alive. 31. Describe your ending in three words. "The Darkness evaporates." Something like that. 32. Are there any love triangles? I considered one, but decided against it.


  1. Interesting. I have one question for you, do you have a name for your story, or even any ideas?

  2. No real name yet. Probably something like "Piercing the Darkness". I just finished it a few days ago and have moved on to my next story.