Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hey, everybody. I keep asking what you guys want for after "The Mystery on Stage". But I'm not getting answers from anyone but Scezzle!!!!!! I want your honest opinions here, okay? Here are some ideas for my next stories. (If anyone who doesn't have a blogger account wants to suggest something, just comment anonymously.)

1. A spy goes undercover to protect a girl who's a target for a kidnapping. To do it, she has to join a profession choir... and she has a voice like a crow with a sore throat.

2. A girl moves to the country, taking with her a strange stone that has been passed down in the family for years. She gets a bit of a surprise when it hatches - and a dragon comes out.

3. A girl gets a nasty shock when she finds out her older sister's occupation - internationally feared computer hacker. She soon finds herself involved in a game of cat and mouse. She finds herself surrounded on both sides, even the good guys are looking for her, and there's only one thing she can do - run.

4. If anybody wants another "Mystery on Stage" involving Ophelia, I'm sure she'd be happy to come back again and act in another play. Eric will not be involved because the theater said he couldn't come back after the stunts he pulled last time. Kate may be involved, and Melina makes up her own mind on these things.

Okay, now we've gone through that, here's a random descriptive thing.

My shoes hurt. They're soaked with sweat and they dig into the backs of my heels. Since I've forgotten my nylons, it hurts even worse. The only thing I can think about is when I can take these off and pull on something that doesn't squish my toes into an unnatural shape. My dress is heavy and hot. Despite the fact it looks good on me, it's causing me to sweat even more. This scarf I'm wearing isn't helping matters. Honestly, do they think we're cold on stage?

Yes, I have experienced similar feelings. For my choir, we have to wear ballet flats, and they hurt my feet. Then, of course, there's my nylons. Forgot them for a recent concert. Trust me, it is very painful. The scarf was from a winter concert. It was supposed to look nice under the lights. I'm sure it did, but it did nothing except make the line from Sleigh Ride "Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy cozy are we" more accurate. A lot more accurate.

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  1. Me again. I'd like to read the second one most probably.
    You are so funny! Your posts are so great!