Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Laptop Update!!!!!!!!

My lap top is pretty much toast. My brother was using it yesterday and ran into a few problems, so he turned it off. I brought it to my room and tried it. It worked for a little while, but if I leave it on for a certain about of time, the screen suddenly goes black, two little lights on the front start to flash, and the humming sound all computers make starts going a billion miles an hour, like it's going to explode or something. Not that the other problem wasn't bad, but this is worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the main problem. Normally, I could afford to replace the lap top. Sure, it would make a significant dent in my savings, but the money would have gone to a good cause. Now, I'm saving my pennies to go on a trip to a huge chorale festival with my choir. I don't have the money for a lap top! The last one was a castoff from my dad's work, because it has to be hooked up all the time and you can't take it anywhere unless there's electricity, and if the slightest pressure is exerted on the plug it shuts off rather suddenly. Now this! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??????????


  1. Use the computers that you already have?

  2. That would mean I would have incredibly limited access to my stories, because most computers in our house are in use all day. Keeping my stories on them would be a way to ensure they never get finished. And I like finishing them, if you get what I mean.

  3. Soo Sad!! I know the feeling! Fortunately mine is working right now, I would probably have the money to get another one but money is always gone to something else before I even have it. I hope you can find a computer to use!

  4. What happened to your story???!!!
    I really wanted to finish reading that! It was so good. :(

  5. You could try writing your stories out. Granted, it usually takes longer and is less organized, but it can be very helpful, since it is easier to access and has a tendency to help with writer's block. Plus, writing versus typing forces you to organize your thoughts, since for most people (especially writers :)it is slower.