Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Selenda: You did work with us while you were gone. I am impressed.
Nicki T.: Really?
Selenda: And I should have known you would invent a new character.
Zora: So, what's his name?
Ivar: Boy or girl?
Nicki T.: Boy.
Selenda: What name did you pick?
Nicki T.: His name is Aiden. And you are going to be very close to him, Selenda.
Selenda: Let me guess... he is not around at the end of the story?
Nicki T.: You're catching on fast.
Selenda *groans*: Where is he?
*Knock sounds on door. Nicki T. gets up and answers it*
Aiden: Did I miss anything?
Nicki T.: Not really.
Selenda: So, you're another one of Nicki's inventions.
Aiden: I guess I am at that.
Selenda: Or should I say victims?
Nicki T.: Hey, I'm in charge here.
Selenda: Why can you not just give me a happy existence involving my staying at home until I am old enough to be betrothed?
Nicki T.: Because that would be incredibly boring. After you're through with this, you'll thank me.
Zora: I'm sure.

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