Saturday, July 16, 2011

Conversations with Characters

Selenda: So, you've decided to make things worse for me. When you said you'd hit the ground running, I should have known I would have to start running to.
Nicki T.: Hey!
Aiden: Selenda, that's not fair. It makes you special.
Selenda: So being a wanderer without any friends or relatives didn't make me 'special' enough?
Nicki T.: I made you special for a reason.
Zora: Seems to me that ever way you make her 'special' also is a way of making things worse for her.
Nicki T.: Who's side are you on here?
Zora: Selenda's.
Nicki T. *groans*: Ivar? Can you help me out here?
Ivar: I don't know. You do tend to make things as bad as you can for her. And the rest of us too.
Nicki T.: She won't regret it.
Selenda: Are you sure? I'm regretting it already! I'm considering just giving it up!!!!
Nicki T.: Sorry. You're not in charge here. I am. And I already made the decision.
Selenda: ARG!
Nicki T.: That was out of character.
Aiden: Maybe you shouldn't. I mean, weren't all the things you did already enough?
Nicki T.: ARG! I'm in charge here! Not you! And I can do whatever I want to my characters! You're all in the realm of my imagination. NONE OF YOU ARE REAL!
Selenda: That was in character.
*Nicki T. grabs Selenda's arm*
Nicki T.: Would you just put UP with what I put you into! You won't regret it.
Selenda: That wasn't out of character either.
Nicki T. *grits her teeth*: I have a limit to my patience, and you are going to overstep it any moment.
Zora: Really? Where is it?
Nicki T.: You're standing on it. All of you.