Friday, November 26, 2010

The Worlds of Books

Here are a couple books I would love to live in.
1.The Dawn Palace
One of my favorite books. It would be interesting to get to know Medea, even if everyone thinks she's a witch. I like the fact she fools everyone into thinking that and doesn't reveal the secrets that make her seem magical like Circe. I would probably admire her, too, for the way she burned down the palace when her husband divorced her and how she defied King Aeetes.
2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
It would be incredible to live in that world. I admire Rachel for throwing a hairbrush at Kronos. Tyson is sooo funny, and I'd probably like watching him forge stuff. I think Thalia made a good decision joining the Hunters, and Annabeth would probably be fun to get to know.
3. The Royal Diaries
The book about Marie Antoinette in this series was probably one of my favorites. I think it was so unfair of her mother to edit the letter Marie sent the way she did. The letter sounded more like a marriage contact than a personal communication. I'm also shocked that anyone like she could get turn out the way she did. I also like the book about Jaranara. I definitely know how she felt when she found that someone had been reading her journal.
4. A Wrinkle in Time
I definitely like Meg in this series. Being an oddball and being different that the rest of my family is something I understand. I think Charles Wallace is kind of cute, too, though joining IT willingly wasn't the brightest thing he could've done.
5. Alice in Wonderland
This is a weird book. Fortunately, I like weird. The part where the queen tries to chop off the Cheshire cat's head is funny, especially since you can't chop off some thing's head if it doesn't have a neck.
6. Oryus
I would definitely be interested in living there. I like everything about it. I probably wouldn't have gone with him on his mission, but I liked him. Fife was cute, too, and the fact he and Zaig were arguing constantly was kind of funny.

Well, that's all for now. Bye!


    Write more! write more! I want to know it all! I love it when they sneak into the theater! Melina is so my type of gal! ;)

  2. I know! Isn't it awesome! When she's published I'll be so proud to say she's my sister :)

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  5. Keep writing! I love that story! <3( (Kissing paper) Lol!
    *Evil grin* *He he, Allegra Rockwell*

  6. *Heh heh, a leg rah rock well*

  7. You gonna write--or even post-- any time soon?
    I want to finish the mystery on stage! :O

  8. I don't like Melina at all. I'm making her do things Ophelia shouldn't. Melina will pay eventually though. I will make my revenge on her sweet! (: