Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Fantasy Novel!!!

I am starting yet another fantasy novel. Most of my stories tend to never be finished, but I've got a promising feeling about this one.(Then again, that's the feeling I get about most of my stories. Otherwise, why would I start them?) I will not post it on blogspot because once you post something here it is no longer yours. So never post anything you intend to publish on blogspot!!!!
My story is about a princess named Dianthe who is crowned queen of a matriarchy after the death of her mother. However, her brother Jarl begins to manipulate her and use for his own purposes. Eventually, her brother arranges to have her killed. Unfortunately for him, she escapes and flees to another kingdom, though not before she discovers her brother has killed her younger sisters, leaving the way to the throne clear for himself. She vows vengance for her sisters' lives and begins to plot her brother's downfall. I won't tell the rest because then I'll have let of some of the steam of finishing it. Besides, I want to publish it one day if I ever finish it!!!!!
Well, that's all for now! Adios!


  1. SOUNDS AWESOME! When you publish it, I'll be your first buyer!

  2. It'll probably be a little different than the original idea if it ever does get published. But it'll still be the same basic idea.

  3. Sounds like I'm not the only aspiring publisher in the world. :) That has been my hope and dream for quite a while now. I can't wait until my story is finished so I can work towards that goal. Keep writing!
    Alistar of Woodland