Monday, May 14, 2012

Conversations with Characters

Amber: So, you're finally doing one of your... what do you call them, again? 'Conversations with Characters'?
Nicki T.: Yes.
Amber: So, what do you want us to talk about?
Nicki T.: Your life.
Amber: I'm a genetic mistake. They were trying to experiment with telepathy when the scientists created me. Unfortunately, they didn't quite get it right. So now, I get severe headaches, can't control what goes on in my head, and have people chasing me in an attempt to get rid of all proof of their experiments.
Nicki T.: And you, Eric? Blaze?
Eric: Spoilers.
Nicki T.: Since when do you watch Dr. Who?
Eric: I'm in your mind. That means I see whatever you do, or hear whatever you do.
Nicki T.: And you, Blaze?
Blaze: I'll go with Eric.
Nicki T. (sighs): Well, come on.
Amber: I still don't see why you need us. Your last characters were good enough, weren't they?
Nicki T. (sighs again): I made you telepathic, Amber.
Blaze: Just because she's telepathic doesn't  mean she likes dipping inside people's heads whenever she needs an answer.
Eric: I hack computers with my mind, but that doesn't mean I research things when I'm doing a test and I don't know the answers.
(Amber and Nicki T. high-five.)
Amber: Told you that would work!
Nicki T. (laughing): Thanks. Got you, Eric.
(Eric groans.)
Blaze: You won't get it out of me!
Nicki T.: Not this time, no. But I'll do it, Blaze. (Laughs.)
Blaze (looking nervous): Why did I ever think this would be fun? "It's great!" Sunny said. "You can make some friends with old characters!" Sunny said. Sunny... why did I ever listen to you?
Sunny (enters room): Because I didn't actually leave you a choice.
Blaze: Oh, uh, hi.
Sunny (laughing): Hello, everyone. Am I too late to join the party, Nicki?
Nicki T.: No. Come on in!

(I promise to formally introduce my characters at some point in the future, with pictures and everything! But I don't have one of Eric at the moment.)


  1. These characters seem really interesting! :D

  2. :P That was great, I can see you character voice really well. (I'm an OYANer)