Thursday, October 6, 2011


Selenda: What!? You're leaving us!?
Nicki T.: Taking a break would be a better phrase to use, but, yes, basically.
Zora: WHAT! Don't you like us?
Nicki T.: Really, I DO like you and all. But your story isn't working. I'm going to do the Other Worlds curriculum and do a sci fi, then I'll come back to you. I need a break from fantasy.
Aidenn: Well, I guess it means I stay around longer!
Talia: Yeah!
Nicki T.: Yes, I suppose it does. Would you like to meet your replacements?
Zora: Well, even if I don't, you're going to introduce us to them.
Nicki T.: Yes, I suppose I would.
(Enter Eric, Amber and Blaze.)
Amber: Hey!
Eric: Uh, hi.
Blaze: Hi!
Selenda: Hello.
Amber: You don't seem to like us.
Aidenn: Sorry. We're just a little... we're in shock. Wait, how could you tell?
Blaze: Amber reads minds.
Aidenn: How is that possible?
Amber (blushing): Did you HAVE to tell them that? It's a bit complicated, but basically, I have something worked into my brain that allows my mind to reach out for brain waves and thought patterns. I can transmit and recieve them at will.
Zora: Sorry, we're just a little... well, Aidenn said it best. Shocked. She just dropped the bombshell.
Blaze: They had those in the Middle Ages?
Zora (shoves him over): Watch it! I'm a princess where I live, and if anyone knocks it, I tend to loose my temper.
Blaze: My apologies, your highness.
(Talia giggles. Zora taps her on the shoulder rather hard.)
Zora: It's not funny, Talia. You are my sister, after all.
(Amber and Selenda stand facing each other.)
Selenda: You are my temporary replacement?
Amber: Temporary. Your story isn't quite working for Nicki, so she's giving you a break.
Selenda: And that is comforting how?
Amber: You get to come back.
Ivar: I'm not sure if she wants to.
Nicki T.: Haha.
Ivar: Well, so long.
Aidenn: Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow,
A poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more.
Nicki T.: I didn't know you read Shakespeare.
Aidenn: I don't. I'm just a figment of your imagination. You do.
Nicki T.: Oh, right.
Aiden: Goodbye.
Zora: I'll be seeing you.
Talia: Well, see you later.
Selenda: Farewell.
(They walk out the door. Zora wipes away a tear.)
Nicki T.: Don't worry! I'll come back.
Amber: Your characters must love you.
(from outside)
Ivar: YIPEE! We're out of her clutches!
Zora: Guess who brought gummy worms! Crank the music, Aidenn!
(Classical music begins to play.)
Zora: Are you STILL trying to please Nicki by listening to music she can see you listening to? I heard the Owl City yesterday!
("Swimming in Miami" blares from the next room.)
Talia: Let's have some FUN!
Selenda: I could use a break.
(Nicki T. turns to look at her characters. They are glancing at each other.)
Nicki T.: They make it sound worse than it is.
Zora: Come on! I FINALLY get to heal from reading her synopsis! Imagine! Finishing off AIDENN, of all people! And Tarid! And putting Talia into a coma!
(Amber, Eric, and Blaze look as if their worse suspicions were confirmed.)
Nicki T.: So, maybe they weren't.

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