Thursday, September 8, 2011

Conversations with Characters (Sleepover edition!)

Talia: I LOVE sleepovers!
Nicki T.: Yeah, they're not too bad. Hey, where's Zora?
Zora: Boo!
Nicki T.: Ah! Don't startle me like that! What do you guys want to do?
Selenda (winks at Nicki T.): Tell ghost stories?
Talia: Sure.
Zora: So long as you don't include too many cliches. Ghost stories are much too cliche to be scary. *Yawns* Pass the popcorn, please.
Nicki T.: Okay, Selenda. Go ahead. Scare Zora badly.
Selenda: Once, there was a girl named Nicki. She loved to pick on her characters. One night, she was camping with her friend Talia. *winks at Talia* They were just pitching the tent when they heard a rustling sound...
(Goes on to tell a long creepy story. Zora's eyes slowly grow wider.)
Selenda: And Nicki and Talia were never seen again.
Nicki T.: We're right here.
Zora: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Selenda: I thought ghost stories were too cliche to be scary.
Zora: You did that on purpose.
Nicki T.: Maybe I did. Well, of COURSE I did. Come on, who wants to watch something?
Zora: What do you have?
Nicki T.: Well... we just got the Princess Bride.
Zora: You know how I am about those kinds of romances.
Nicki T.: Yes, I know.
Selenda: It reminds me a little of... well, you know.
Nicki T.: Oh. Have you seen Across the Second Dimension yet?
Talia: Phineas and Ferb! They're so cute!!!! MUST WATCH!!!!
Selenda: Do you have anything else?
Zora: I have to side with Selenda here.
Nicki T.: Yes, I have other movies. Do any of you like Prince Caspian?
Zora: Oh, yeah.
Selenda: Yes.
Nicki T.: I'll go get it.
(Nicki T. puts it into the DVD player.)
Nicki T.: Who likes gummy worms??


  1. You're posts aren't showing up in my dashboard. Huh....... so, if I haven't been commenting, that's why.
    I love the sleepover idea!
    ♥Book blogger

  2. MEMEMEMEME! I LOVe GUMMY WORMS! (Although, not as much as a used to and ought to. ;) I'll tell you why some time.)