Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, I don't have time to make this a long post, but here goes...

Last night was my choir practice. I know, so what. But it got ended early, because the people who were taking me home have a dog named Sammi which was having puppies! I got to go and see them being born. 4 girls, 1 boy, and I while I was there three were born. It was cool to watch. They come out in a little sack and the mom bites it off, which is actually pretty gross, all things considered. There's blood and stuff everywhere. But wow! It's just amazing. I won't go into the details when when they come out, but it was amazing to think about.

I have a laptop at last! Okay, it's not mine. It's everyone's. But it's set up in my room, and it feels good to be able to type without being told somebody needs the computer. I have a fantasy I'm working on about dragons on there. Plus, I've made an official upgrade! No more writing in notebooks and binders! I'll have to type it out anyway, so what's the point? Of course, I'll still use my desk. It's not like the laptop has internet or anything. But it's thrilling to spend long periods of time working in my room with a Diana Waring CD playing. (Diana Waring does history CDs like What in the World's Going on Here. I highly reccomend it for history lovers.)

Well, I had better cut this short. Adios!

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  1. I've seen puppys being born! (Actually I just saw them a little while after they were born. I mean, there's like half an hour between each pup.)Misty had puppys for the last time a few months ago. Sooo cute.